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The Northeastern University Mechanical Contractors Association of America (NUMCAA) is a student group with a goal to enlighten studying engineers of the potential in this industry.  Whether you’re intrigued by architecture, consulting, design engineering, project management, or equipment sales it can all be found here in mechanical contracting. 

The current energy crisis has created a new industry that is here to stay.  That industry focuses on alterative, efficient, and sustainable forms of energy, or, in other words “green energy.”  In order for these needs to be met the mechanical contracting industry must be flooded with intelligent and innovative thinkers. 

NUMCAA specializes in the area of energy efficiency in HVAC applications.  Defined interests in the LEED rating system have also developed. Students involved in the group face great exposure to the current news, methods, and career opportunities in the mechanical contracting industry.

Founded in September of 2004 and sponsored by the New England Mechanical Contracting Association (NEMCA), this student chapter has yet to slow down.  Each year we gain more experience and create more opportunity for fellow student engineers. Now 18 members strong and growing, this student chapter is striving towards new accomplishments that include mechanical system tours, contractor social events, new fundraisers, and continued success in the MCAA Student Competition.