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Series 2 Spider (1970-1982/83)

1971 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750cc

This car dates back to the founding of Northeastern's SAE Chapter well over 15 years ago. The motor of the car is out of a 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV which the club initially had intended to buld as a "Street Prepped Race Car". Unfortunately the GTV met its demise due to unforseen rust damage from prolonged outdoor storage. The chassis and other components were sold to a private party to fund their Spider Project.

The club fell inactive for several years until 2007 when a group of younger students inhereted the club and the car. Make no mistake the previous members did rebuild the GTV's motor which was swapped into the Spider. A lot of the detail work was left incomplete and the car had some unwanted tenants during its lengthy storage. The latest generation of students has finished much of what was started by previous generations and added more recent seats, carpet, and other details.

Current Status

The car is currently having a small issue preventing it from starting. It has been speculated that it is a spark timing issue and work has begun.