Micro/Nano Bio-Mechanical Characterization Lab
243A Forsyth Building
73 Forsyth St, Boston, MA, 02115
Lab Group Long-Term Adhesive Reliability in Photovoltaic Solar Panels Microfluidic test on particle adhesion Image of particle deposition Indentation test of solar panel

Scientific Overview

The Nano/Micro-Scale Biomechanical Characterization Laboratory at the Northeastern University Mechanical Engineering Department is headed by Associate Professor Kai-Tak Wan, and is home to a wide variety of interdisciplinary research and experiments located in 243A Forsyth Building.

The primary focus of our research is on contact mechanics and ahesion at the nano and micro scale, a large part of which focuses on bridging the gap between biological and mechanical sciences. Broadly, our lab is currently exploring the areas of biomechanics of cells and bacteria, modeling adhesion between cells, adhesion between thin graphene films, mechanically characterizing cancerous cells for efficient drug delivery, and characterizing hydrogels for biomedical applications.