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PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering

PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering


The Graduate School of Engineering offers a PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering involving substantial work in two or more academic departments or disciplines. Those interested in this program of study must submit a detailed proposal of the areas of inquiry and research with their application for admission. Interdisciplinary study requires favorable recommendation by a sponsoring Doctoral degree-granting department and approval by authorized representatives of the graduate committees of the departments appropriate to the disciplines covered under the applicant’s proposal.

Learning Outcomes:

The Interdisciplinary Engineering PhD programs’ student learning outcomes are:

  • The ability to use basic engineering concepts flexibly in a variety of contexts.
  • Ability to formulate a research plan.
  • Ability to communicate orally a research plan.
  • Ability to conduct independent research.
  • An ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems
  • An ability to explain and apply engineering design principles, as appropriate to the program’s educational objectives
  • An ability to produce solutions that meet specified end-user needs with consideration of economic factors, and, where relevant, factors related to public policy, safety, and the environment

Experiential Learning

Northeastern combines rigorous academics with experiential learning and research to prepare students for real-world engineering challenges including industry experience as part of the co-op program or an internship. The Cooperative Education Program, also known as a “co-op,” is one of the largest and most innovative in the world, and Northeastern is one of only a few that offers a Co-op Program for graduate students. Through this program, students gain professional experience employed in their field of interest as part of the academic curriculum. Northeastern has over 3,000 co-op employer partners in a wide variety of organizations, from large companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. Students can also participate in the university’s Experiential PhD program.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advisors in the Graduate Student Services office can help answer many of your questions and assist with various concerns regarding your program and student record. Use the link below to also determine which questions can be answered by your Faculty Program Advisors and OGS Advisors.

Admissions & Aid

Ready to take the next step? Review degree requirements to see courses needed to complete this degree. Then, explore ways to fund your education. Finally, review admissions information to see our deadlines and gather the materials you need to Apply.

Student News

Northeastern Empowered Leading Saudi Arabian Data Scientist

Interdisciplinary Engineering aluma Kholoud Khateeb, PhD’15, is helping transform health care in Saudi Arabia as a female data scientist, and she says she owes her success to Northeastern.

Predicting Flooding with AI Models

Following deadly floods in Tennessee, Puja Das, PhD’27, interdisciplinary engineering, is working on a NASA-funded project exploring AI-driven rainfall prediction models.

Should We Adapt to Climate Conditions or Work to Mitigate Climate Change

In order to protect the safety and security of people around the globe from extreme weather events, CEE Distinguished Professor Auroop R. Ganguly and Puja Das, PhD’27, interdisciplinary engineering, say both adaptation to changing climate conditions and mitigation of the causes of climate change are necessary.

How AI is Making Weather Forecasts More Accurate

Interdisciplinary engineering alumni Kate Duffy, PhD’21, and Thomas Vandal, PhD’18, both worked as NASA scientists before creating the new start-up, Zeus AI, which uses AI and machine learning to analyze data from satellites to improve weather forecasting.