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Master of Science in Information Systems - Blockchain Technology Specialization (Silicon Valley)

Master of Science in Information Systems - Blockchain Technology Specialization (Silicon Valley)


The Master of Science degree in Information Systems (MS-IS) with a Blockchain Technology specialization (a.k.a., distributed ledger or distributed consensus technology) offers you the opportunity to take a socio-technical approach to software engineering, while also investing in major career growth opportunities in one of the technology industry’s newest and most compelling innovations. This represents a new area on how complex systems of networks of mediated businesses and entities will be designed and built.

Innovative Curriculum

Offered in Silicon Valley, this specialized MS-IS degree is an evolution in the long-standing tradition of one of the premier colleges of engineering—creating professional leaders capable of creating complex engineering solutions to real-world, humanistic problems.

This degree is ideal for software engineering professionals working in or relocating to the Silicon Valley region—the heart of the world’s high-tech industry—who want to stand out in their field by positioning themselves at the forefront of a new paradigm in computing. If you already have a development job and want to advance in the innovation track, Northeastern’s MS-IS degree with a Blockchain Technology specialization can kickstart a new, exciting phase in your career.

In this MS-IS program, you’ll learn how to build distributed ledger applications that automate the operations of streamlined, mutually beneficial, densely networked business relationships. To strengthen your skills, you’ll study examples of the delivery of trust in multi-party business relations through digital platforms, and collaborate with distributed consensus (blockchain) technology luminaries on real-world case studies. You’ll also gain the important communication and project management skills you need to become a well-rounded leader, architect, and driver of distributed ledger technology innovations.

By specializing your Information Systems degree in the rapidly growing and revolutionary field of distributed ledger (blockchain) technology, you position yourself as an expert for companies of all types looking to develop, implement, or manage blockchain technology to enhance their business practices through cryptocurrency, decentralized cloud storage, digital security, smart contracts, and more. This innately secure, technological infrastructure across networks brings transparency and trust to all parties in a business relationship, allowing for faster, less expensive, and more efficient transactions of all kinds, from banking to healthcare.

Your 32 credit hours can be taken either on-campus in the Bay Area, or in a blended format with several courses offered online from Northeastern’s home campus in Boston, MA. You can tailor your degrees to your skills and interests through a robust list of electives, and you’ll become skilled in cutting-edge industry tools, including Solidity programming language, frameworks like web3.js for front-end secure interface programming, uPort for identity management capabilities, and the Ethereum platform.

Learn about our Silicon Valley campus, which serves as an incubator for top-tier science, technology, engineering, and math talent, producing students with graduate degrees and certificates who have real-world, marketplace relevance.

Silicon Valley Standard Course Work Option

INFO 5100Application Engineering and Development4 SH
INFO 6150Web Design and User Experience Engineering4 SH
INFO 6205Program Structure and Algorithms4 SH
INFO 6250Web Methods and Tools4 SH
INFO 6350Smartphone-based Web Development4 SH
INFO 7250Engineering of Big-Data Systems4 SH
INFO 7300Engineering Cybersecure Software Systems4 SH
INFO 7390Advances in Data Sciences and Architecture4 SH


Silicon Valley Blockchain and Smart Contract Specialization Option

INFO 7500Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts4 SH
INFO 7510Smart Contract Application Engineering and Development4 SH
INFO 7520Advanced Topics in Cryptocurrencies4 SH
INFO 7525Regulatory Aspects of Smart Contract Automation2 SH
INFO 7530Digital Smart Contracts Product Innovations2 SH

The MS programs’ student learning outcome is the ability to use basic engineering concepts flexibly in a variety of contexts.

Program Contacts

Khaled Bugrara
Teaching Professor and Executive Director,  Multidisciplinary Graduate Engineering Programs

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the student services representative assigned to this program.