Program Contacts

Degree ProgramDegreeConcentrationFaculty
BioengineeringMSAll ConcentrationsShiaoming Shi
BioengineeringPhDN/AQianqian Fang
Chemical Engineering
Degree ProgramDegreeConcentrationFaculty
Chemical EngineeringMSN/AEno Ebong
Chemical EngineeringPhDN/AEno Ebong
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Degree ProgramDegreeConcentrationFaculty
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMS/PhDData and SystemsAmy Mueller
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMS/PhDConstruction ManagementRyan Wang
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMS/PhDGeotechnical/ Geoenvironmental EngineeringMishac Yegian
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMS/PhDStructuresLuca Caracoglia
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMS/PhDTransportationPeter Furth
Civil and Environmental EngineeringMS/PhDWater, Environmental, and Coastal SystemsJim Chen
Engineering & Public PolicyMSPublic Policy and AnalysisAuroop Ganguly
Engineering & Public PolicyMSSustainable Engineering and Systems ModelingAuroop Ganguly
Environmental EngineeringMSN/AAmy Mueller
Interdisciplinary PhDPhDN/AJim Chen
Sustainable Building SystemsMSN/ADavid Fannon
Electrical and Computer Engineering
If you are a student interested in registering for an ECE course and need a Registration Override Form, please list Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, Vu Tran, as both the program contact and course instructor on the form. Vu will facilitate the process for the ECE Department and the course instructor to review your form.
Degree ProgramDegreeConcentrationFaculty
Computer EngineeringPhDN/AVu Tran
CybersecurityPhDN/AFaculty Research Advisor
Data ScienceMSN/ADavid Kaeli
Electrical and Computer EngineeringMSAll ConcentrationsVu Tran
Electrical EngineeringPhDN/AVu Tran
Electrical and Computer Engineering LeadershipMSN/AVu Tran
RoboticsMSComputer ScienceRobert Platt
RoboticsMSElectrical and Computer EngineeringHanu Singh
RoboticsMSMechanical EngineeringRifat Sipahi
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Degree ProgramDegreeConcentrationFaculty
Advanced and Intelligent ManufacturingMSN/AHongli (Julie) Zhu and
Xiaoning “Sarah” Jin
Data Analytics EngineeringMSBostonSrinivasan Radhakrishnan
SeattleJie Zhang
Energy SystemsMSMo Taslim
Energy Systems – Academic LinkMSN/AMo Taslim
Engineering ManagementMSN/AHimlona Palikhe
Human FactorsMSN/AYingzi Lin
Industrial EngineeringMSN/AJackie Griffin
Industrial EngineeringPhDN/AJackie Griffin
Mechanical EngineeringMS/PhDGeneral Mechanical EngineeringMarilyn Minus
Mechanical EngineeringMS/PhDMaterials ScienceTeiichi Ando
Mechanical EngineeringMS/PhDMechanics and DesignCraig Maloney
Mechanical EngineeringMS/PhDMechatronicsRifat Sipahi
Mechanical EngineeringMS/PhDThermofluidsMo Taslim
Operations ResearchMSN/AJackie Griffin
Multidisciplinary Engineering Programs
Degree ProgramDegreeConcentrationFaculty
Computer Systems EngineeringMSN/AErin Macri
Cyber-Physical SystemsMSN/APeter O’Reilly
Data Architecture ManagementMSN/AErin Macri
Informations SystemsMSN/AErin Macri
Informations Systems – Bridge ProgramMSN/AErin Macri
Software Engineering SystemsMSN/AErin Macri
Telecommunication NetworksMSN/APeter O’Reilly