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Education Cooperation: USU and Northeastern’s College of Engineering


With the objective of promoting educational cooperation between Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU), Indonesia and the College of Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, a memorandum of understanding was established in March of 2019.

Northeastern is a national, private research university featuring a one of a kind cooperative education (or co-op) program, which allows graduate College of Engineering Master of Science students to gain 4-8 months of U.S. industry experience as part of their degree program. Co-op experience instills in students the professional knowledge, understanding, and confidence that leads to a lifetime of success.

USU Student/Northeastern College of Engineering Graduate Application Instructions

As part of this agreement, you are invited to apply for admissions consideration to a graduate degree program offered by Northeastern’s College of Engineering using an exclusive and expedited application review process.

Please apply by submitting the following items according to the relevant application deadline:

  1. Online application;
  2. Two letters recommendation;
  3. Unofficial undergraduate transcripts at the time of application;
  4. Statement of purpose;
  5. Resume or CV;
  6. Official English proficiency test scores (test options the TOEFL, or the IELTS);
  7. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test score results (optional).
USU Visit[Left to right] Dr. Nazarudin (Industrial Engineering), Dr. Esther Nababan (FMIPA & The Head of International Affairs Office), Dr. Sri Maulina (The Dean of Engineering), Mahyuddin K.M Nasution Ph.D (Vice Rector for Research, Community service, and Cooperation), Prof. Dr. Runtung Sitepu, SH. MHum (Rector of Universitas Sumatera Utara), Mr. Jeffrey Hengel (Director of Graduate Admissions – College of Engineering), Dr. Julius Marpaung (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty Ambassador), Emerson Sinulingga, Ph.D (Expert Staff Member for Rector), Dr. Rulianda Wibowo (Expert Staff Member for Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and Alumni) USU VisitRector of Universitas Sumatera Utara – Prof DR
Runtung Sitepu, SH.MHum with Mr. Jeffrey Hengel
USU VisitHaving a formal meeting between NU and USU USU VisitNU presentation at USU


Want to know more about Northeastern’s graduate engineering programs? Chat with a currently enrolled graduate engineering student by visiting the Student Ambassador webpage.

Inquiries may be sent directly to Marissa Brush, Recruiting Specialist, Graduate School of Engineering