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andrew jones

Jones Awarded Grant to Support Research on “Enabling a Lab-on-a-Faucet”

ChE Assistant Professor A-Andrew D. Jones, III received a $10k grant titled “Enabling a Lab-On-A-Faucet” from the Sloan Scholars Mentoring Network of the Social Science Research Council with funds provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

andrew jones

Andrew Jones Receives Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program Award

ChE Assistant Professor Andrew Jones has received a Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program (M2AP) award for 2019-2020 to develop “An agile management team in systems and environmental research.”

New Faculty Spotlight: Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones joins the Chemical Engineering department in August 2019 as an Assistant Professor.

Jones Awarded Center for Biofilm Engineering Young Investigator Award

ChE & MIE Future Faculty Fellow A-Andrew Jones received a Young Investigator Award from the Montana State University’s Center for Biofilm Engineering for his doctoral work entitled “Shear stress mediates metabolism and growth in electroactive biofilms”.