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Feb 18, 2009

Article by Prof. Shashi Murthy featured in Macromolecules

Incorporation of Linear Spacer Molecules in Vapor-Deposited Silicone Polymer Thin Films

Chemical Engineering

Feb 11, 2009

Prof Yegian's research on the Cover of Civil Engineering Magazine

Prof. Mishac Yegian's modeling of the Brooklyn Bridge evaluates its ability to withstand a 2,500-year seismic event.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Feb 09, 2009

Prof Hellweger demonstrates that photosynthesis genes affect the fitness of marine species

Ferdi Hellweger, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, has found using a computer simulation that eliminating photosynthesis genes from marine viruses will negatively impact the fitness of these viruses causing them to die out.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Feb 03, 2009

COE Alum Receives 2 Prestigious Awards

Satish Maripuri, an '88 graduate with a master’s degree in computer systems engineering, has received two prestigious business awards: the Bharat Samman Parvasi 2008 Award and the Hind Rattan 2009 Award.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jan 20, 2009

Vittoria named Life Fellow of IEEE

Professor Carmine Vittoria has been elected a Life Fellow of the IEEE for for his contributions to the understanding of the microwave properties of magnetic materials and their applications in microwave technology.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jan 08, 2009

COE Alum appointed President of Millipore's Bioscience Division

Jon DiVincenzo, a '88 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, has been appointed President of Millipore's Bioscience Division and member of its Corporate Executive Committee.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jan 06, 2009

Prof. Marengo named 2008 most distinguished alumnus

Prof. Edwin Marengo was named the 2008 most distinguished alumnus of the Technological University of Panama in the category of research, innovation, and technological development. The university grants five awards to the most distinguished alumni of the year, in five different categories.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jan 06, 2009

$9 Million Grant Awarded to Assess the Condition of Bridges and Roadways

The VOTERS (Versatile Onboard Traffic Embedded Roaming Sensors) project, led by Prof. Ming Wang and Sara Wadia-Fascetti, will gather accurate, up-to-date condition information on roadways and bridges using compact instrument packages installed in cars and trucks.

Civil & Environmental Engineering