Determining the Lengths of a Collection of Carbon Nanotubes

Mo Taslim

MIE Professor Mohammad Taslim was awarded a patent for “Length-based carbon nanotube ladders.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to methods for measuring distribution of lengths of a collection of carbon nanotubes. In particular, the present teachings provide an indicator for length-based separation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) via conjugation of one or more biomolecules onto the surfaces of the nanotubes. As discussed in more detail below, in some embodiments, such a method can include conjugating a biomolecule to the carbon nanotubes and subject the conjugated carbon nanotubes to silver-stained gel electrophoresis to separate the conjugated carbon nanotubes based on their lengths.

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Related Faculty: Mohammad E. Taslim

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