ECE Professor Octavia Camps' Airport Security Research Featured In NYTimes

ECE Professor Octavia Camps' work on video surveillance and airport security programs has been featured in a May 8th New York Times article, titled "Airport Security Advances Clash With Privacy Issues."

The article outlines advances in digital and video screening that are being used to provide "better scanning of individuals going through security, while at the same time making it more convenient," according to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering professor Jose Martinez Lorenzo. Much of this cutting edge work, such as video surveillance software developed by Professors Camps and Mario Sznaier, is already being tested in real-world environments like airport exit lanes. One of the programs detects individuals going the wrong way through exits, and another program in development tracks their movements around the airport based on unique indentifiers found in the video.

One of the most unique aspects of the system is that it relies on video feeds from cameras that are already installed in the airport; no expensive new system is required.

The full text of the article can be found here, while available.

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