Ganguly co-authors Climate Action report and leads the AI section

CEE Professor Auroop R. Ganguly is a co-author of a major US climate action report – and the lead author of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) section therein – released this Thursday, April 4, 2019. The AI section within the report is an abridged version of a longer version to be published eventually. The AI section cites the UNA-UK article (in Climate 2020: Degrees of Devastation) authored by Ganguly and his SDS Lab with co-authors from SDS spinout risQ, U. Minnesota and NASA Ames. The new climate report – led by the Independent Advisory Committee for Applied Climate Assessment (IAC) – "focuses on using science to accelerate climate change action and announces" the launch of the Science for Climate Action Network (SCAN). This new IAC report has been published as a shorter version in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) and as a longer version in the American Meteorological Society journal Weather, Climate and Society. This report cites climate projects performed under the auspices of the Thriving Earth Exchange: one of these projects happens to be about public health impacts of urban heat in Brookline, MA, led by Ganguly and his SDS Lab. The Science for Climate Action Network (SCAN), launched concurrently with the release of the report, is designed to (among a couple of other stated goals) "provide guidance on technical issues relating to climate challenges, from bond ratings to infrastructure design", which incidentally in a core area targeted by the SDS Lab spinout and National Science Foundation funded Cambridge, MA, based startup company risQ. The IAC report has been receiving wide coverage in scientific venues (e.g., Nature, Scientific American) as well as in the national and international media (Reuters, CNN, Guardian, US News, Newsweek). Ganguly was not a part of the original IAC panel but joined later and led the AI section. A quote from him appears in the press release accompanying the launch. Further details can be found on the new "Climate Assessment" website.   

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