National Academy of Engineering launches

The National Academy of Engineering recently launched a comprehensive new online educator exchange website LinkEngineering in partnership with 5 other organizations, including the American Society for Engineering Education. The new LinkEngineering website is an online community of educators (teachers, administrators, researchers and entrepreneurs) involved in PreK-12 engineering education at all levels in the United States. Jennifer Love, an Associate Academic Specialist in the College of Engineering's First Year Engineering Program, was recently featured in LinkEngineering's first blog post about collaborating with another educator at the University of Texas at Austin to develop an engineering lesson about friction and athletic footwear traction for 8th graders. Jennifer Love, a former Performance Engineer in Reebok International's Human Performance Engineering Lab for 9 years, conducted sports biomechanics research on friction, traction, rubber outsole wear, cushioning technologies and advanced materials in running, walking, basketball, tennis, football, soccer and children's athletic footwear, prior to joining the College of Engineering. Stay tuned for updates about their LinkEngineering collaboration. For more information about K-20 engineering education at Northeastern Universtiy, visit the Center for STEM Education and the College of Engineering websites.

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