NU Students published and presented at the 2022 ASEE National Conference, Minneapolis, MN, on June 26-29

Under the supervision of Professor Bala Maheswaran, engineering students published and presented seven papers (involving thirty-nine students) at the American Society for Engineering Education National Conference on June 26-29, 2022, in Minneapolis, MN.

In addition, Professor Maheswaran co-presented a workshop on “Projects-Based Arduino/Raspberry Pi Activities,” a panel discussion on “Energy and Environmental Education in a Diverse and Inclusive Classroom,” and moderated a STEAM panel on “STEAM Education– Powering the Next Generation.”

The American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) is the leading organization in the US and Globally in Engineering Education, with over ten thousand members. The Paper IDs and Titles of the papers are listed below:

36512 – The Brain Trainer, Bala Maheswaran, Jack Hansen, Kendrick Langenbach, George Primoff, and Seungeun Kim, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings

36484 – Viability of the Essential Leg Tremor Monitoring Device, Bala Maheswaran, Evan Eyler, Yide Song, Daniel Lawson, Shanya Sam, and Ao Ruan, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings

36513 – Project-Based Learning: Piezoelectric Energy Wheel, Bala Maheswaran, Ansh Harsh Shah, Adrian Criollo, Thomas Keturakis, Robert Lee, and Ananya Reghupathi, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings

37508 – Customer-Driven approach in Entrepreneurship Innovation, Bala Maheswaran, Dongye Shen, Yankai Wang, Maulik Patel, Taiki Chung, Grant Lee, Thomas Griffin, Haoran Li, Jaison Patel, Jåthun Ãrjan, William Opet, and Asees Singh Sarna, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings

36477 – Hydropower from Gutters: Generating Electricity from Rainwater, Andrew Bard, Andrew Sozio, Samuel Haggans, Nicholas Tarallo, Timothy Bennett, and Bala Maheswaran, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings

36514 – Self-Charging Heated Gloves: Physics of Mechanical Motion towards Energy Generation, Bala Maheswaran, Liam O’Connell, Hayden Hishmeh, Matt Doble, and Laetitia Maria Khlat, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings

36471 – The Myowearable Sleeve: A Surface Electromyography Injury Prevention Device, Sakib Azgar, Violet Manxhari, Kaitlyn Ramesh, Ananya Tadigadapa, Ted Yee, and Bala Maheswaran, ASEE2022 Conference Proceedings