Pfluger Receives Award for Innovation in Chemical Engineering Education

Courtney Pfluger

ChE Associate Teaching Professor Courtney Pfluger received the “2021 Award for Innovation in Chemical Engineering Education” from AlChE for the development of an immersive, sustainability-focused, global learning experience through an innovative in-country and virtual faculty-led program applying chemical engineering concepts to global issues.

Pfluger took a position in Fall 2011 as an Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University as a part of the First Year Engineering Faculty and affiliated Faculty in the Chemical Engineering Department. Dr. Pfluger redesigned and piloted the first-year curriculum which included engineering design and computational problem solving using the Engineering Grand Challenges as real-world applications of global issues. She developed and ran for 8 years a faculty-led international program to Brazil focused on Sustainable Energy and Brazilian Culture. This program educates students on the effects of various energy systems and the challenges of social and environmental justice in developing countries. In 2017, Dr. Pfluger moved into the ChE department where she implemented improvements in the Transport 2 Lab and Capstone 2 courses. She assists Capstone 2 students to develop dynamic design projects that address and help solve real-world, global challenges. Dr. Pfluger has served as the AIChE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor for 10 years and will become chair of the AIChE Student Chapter Committee in November 2021. She is a Mathworks Teaching Fellow and has won Northeastern Chemical Engineering Department Sioui Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Northeastern College of Engineering Essigmann Outstanding Teaching Award.

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