PhD Student Wins Young Researchers Forum Award from IEEE Conference

Congratulations to Nimet Yildirim, a Ph.D. student in the bioengineering program and in the CEE department, advised by CEE Prof. April Gu and MIE Prof. Ahmed Busnaina, along with the coauthors Jin Young Lee, Han Chul Cho and Sivasubramanian Somu, for winning the Young Researchers Forum Award from the 2014 IEEE Biosensors & Bioelectronics conference. The awarded presentation, entitled “Aptamer based E-coli detection in waste waters by SWCNTs modified biosensor system,” reported an innovative biosensor for fast, reliable and direct detection of a pathogen indicator in water, which can be applied for on-site or real-time water quality monitoring. Congratulations to Prof. Gu, Prof. Busnaina, and their students!

Related Faculty: Ahmed Busnaina

Related Departments:Civil & Environmental Engineering