Since the Nutrons were founded in 1998, college students have been the driving force of our team.

Since the Nutrons were founded in 1998, college students have been the driving force of our team. The Nutrons, based at Northeastern University, consists primarily of students coming from high school FIRST teams including Rosie, BUZZ, Mort, TechnoNUTS, Gus, SPAM, Aztecs, Tribe, Raider Robotix, Cyber Knights, Hyper, Norwell Robotics, and MOE.

For several years the Nutrons were one of the only teams in the area. By our teams second year, over a hundred members were on our roster. Although the number of participants on our team fluctuates as new teams are formed, our doors remain open to any individuals who find an interest in our team and FIRST. Students from Boston Latin High School, Brookline High School and Revere High School make the frequent commute to our lab in order to partake in an experience that would otherwise not be available to them. These students, all with different nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds, travel in many different ways including by train, bus or simply by foot, to bring the amazing diversity that makes up the Nutrons team.

Over the years, representatives from the Nutrons have traveled all over Boston and beyond to preach the word of FIRST. Besides speaking at the Northeastern University Conference for Engineering, the Nutrons are an active part of the open houses for prospective students. In fact, a visit to our lab has become a common stop for many students interested in Northeastern. Our robots have been displayed everywhere from science fairs to the Boston Museum of Science. We have made several presentations to Boys & Girls clubs around the Boston area, and plan to host 20 girls from the Cambridge Outreach for Minority Girls at the Boston Regional this year. In January, representatives from Textron took our 2001 National Championship Robot to an assembly in Providence to encourage students to stay in school. Additionally, the Nutrons host the “Ask an Engineer” mentoring program.

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Student Organization Advisor

Claire Duggan
Executive Director,  STEM