Paul Pei

Assistant Teaching Professor,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering



  • 064 LA
  • 617.373.4449


As a teaching professor, Paul mainly teaches statistics, machine learning and supply chain & logistics. He advises undergraduate student groups in capstone projects that bridge real business challenges and data-driven solutions. He has a broad range of interests from block chain enabled supply chain to predictive analytics in business forecasting and planning. In particular, he is currently working on development of time series forecasting with deep learning to address challenges in business forecasting.

He has worked in demand forecasting & planning at leading food & beverage companies in US for more than seven years and led assumption-based, causal-driven collaborative Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes. His cross functional efforts in supply chain, finance and sales & marketing contributed to streamlined and further transformative business processes in the companies.

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Teaching Interests

Sample Courses Taught

  • OR 6205: Deterministic Operations Research
  • IE 6200: Engineering Probability and Statistics
  • IE 7280: Statistical Methods in Engineering
  • IE 7374 ST: Machine Learning in Engineering
  • IE 7200: Supply Chain Engineering
  • OR 7310: Logistics, Warehousing and Scheduling

Selected Publications

  • Keqi Wang, Wei Xie, Wencen Wu, Jinxiang Pei, Qi Zhou (2021). Blockchain-Enabled Internet-of-Things Platform for End-to-End Industrial Hemp Supply Chain. Accepted at the Journal of Block Chain Research.
  • Keqi Wang, Wei Xie, Wencen Wu, Bo Wang, Jinxiang Pei, Mike Baker, Qi Zhou (2020). Simulation-Based Digital Twin Development for Blockchain Enabled End-to- End Industrial Hemp Supply Chain Risk Management. Proceedings of the 2020 Winter Simulation Conference
  • Wei Xie, B. Kris Jaeger-Helton, Jared Auclair, Jinxiang Pei, Hua Zheng (2020). Smart Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing for STEM Education and Industry Workforce Training. Proceedings of the 2020 ASEE Conference.
  • Wei Xie, Jared Auclair, Jinxiang Pei (2019). An Integrated Research, Education/Training and Industry Practice Framework to Accelerate the Innovation in Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Eliminate Drug Shortage. Proceedings of the 2019 ASEE Conference.