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Qi “Ryan” Wang

Assistant Professor,  Civil and Environmental Engineering
Affiliated Faculty,  School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs



  • 617.373.7984

Research Focus

Urban and social resilience; geo-social networking; coupled, human-natural systems, natural disaster response and evacuation; urban computing


  • 2015 Virginia Tech, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 2012 Michigan State University, MS

Research Overview

Urban and social resilience; geo-social networking; coupled, human-natural systems, natural disaster response and evacuation; urban computing

Selected Publications

  • Q. Wang, N.E. Phillips, M.L. Small, R.J.Sampson, Urban Mobility and Neighborhood Isolation in America’s 50 Largest Cities, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2018)
  • J. Chen, Q. Wang, Z. Lin, and X. Guo, Measuring the Cognitive Loads of Construction Safety Sign Designs During Selective and Sustained Attention, Safety Science, 105, 2018, 9-21
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Aggregated Responses of Human Mobility to Severe Winter Storms: An Empirical Study, PLoS one, 12, 2017
  • N Mohammadi, Q. Wang, and J.E. Taylor, Diffusion Dynamics of Energy Saving Practices in Large Heterogeneous Online Networks, PLoS one, 10, 2016
  • Y. Wang, Q. Wang, and J.E. Taylor, Patterns and Limitations of Urban Human Mobility Resilience Under the Influence of Multiple Types of Natural Disaster, PLoS one, 11(1), 2016
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Process Map for Urban-Human Mobility and Civil Infrastructure Data Collection Using Geosocial Networking Platforms, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 30(2), 2015
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Energy Saving Practice Diffusion in Online Networks, Energy and Buildings, 76, 2014, 622-630
  • Q. Wang, J.E. Taylor, Quantifying Human Mobility Perturbation and Resilience in Hurricane Sandy, PLoS ONE, 9(11), 2014


Aug 06, 2019

Wang Leads Workshop on Technologies to Power Smart Cities

Assistant Professor Qi Ryan Wang, of Northeastern’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Assistant Professor Farrokh Jazizadeh Karimi, of Virginia Tech, held a workshop, entitled, “Building Blocks for Smarter Cities” to explore the systems necessary to create sustainable future urban areas. In the conference’s program, Wang and Karimi call for increased focus on the foundational technologies that will power smart cities.


May 02, 2019

Alessandro Mazzotta Receives CMAA Scholarship

Civil Engineering student Alessandro Mazzotta was awarded a Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) Graduate Student Award by the organization’s New England Chapter. Alessandro, a Master of Science student concentrating in construction management, received the scholarship in recognition of his academic, professional and extracurricular achievements. Alessandro hails from the small town of Castellaro, located in […]


Jul 11, 2018

People Tend to Live & Travel to Similar Racial and Socioeconomic Areas as Themselves

CEE Assistant Professor Qi ‘Ryan’ Wang’s article on “Urban mobility and neighborhood isolation in America’s 50 largest cities” was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).


May 21, 2018

2018 GRI Seed Grant Awardees

Congratulations to the four COE teams out of eight total receiving 2018 Seed Grant funding from the Global Resilience Institute (GRI). The resilience project topics range from coastal flooding prediction to combating opioid addiction. This year’s pool of proposals was particularly robust, with submissions demonstrating both strengths in their interdisciplinary approaches and in their promise […]


May 15, 2018

Improving Emergency Response Wayfinding

CEE Assistant Professor Qi “Ryan” Wang (PI) and MIE Associate Professor Yingzi Lin (co-PI) were awarded a $200K NSF grant for “Personalized Systems for Wayfinding for First Responders”.


Mar 23, 2017

FY18 TIER 1 Award Recipients

21 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY18 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 12 different projects representing $600K dollars of investment in research.

Sep 01, 2016

New Faculty Spotlight: Qi Ryan Wang

Qi Ryan Wang joins the Civil & Environmental Engineering department in Fall 2016 as an Assistant Professor.

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