Jie Zhang

Assistant Teaching Professor - Seattle,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


  • PhD, Operations Research, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2019

Selected Publications

  • Weijun Xie, Jie Zhang, Shabbir Ahmed, (2020) Distributionally Robust Bottleneck Combinatorial Problems: Uncertainty Quantification and Robust Decision Making,  Mathematical Programming, Major Revision.
  • Jie Zhang, Weijun Xie, (2019) Robust Multi-product Newsvendor Model with Substitution under Cardinality-constrained Uncertainty Set, European Journal of Operational Research, Major Revision.
  • Jie Zhang, Weijun Xie, Xinwei Deng, (2019) CCP Classifier: Chance Constrained Programming Approach to Multi-class Classification Problem,  Working Paper.
  • Jie Zhang, Weijun Xie, Subhash Sarin, (2018) Multi-product Newsvendor Problem with Customer-driven Demand Substitution: A Stochastic Integer Program Perspective, INFORMS Journal on Computing, In Press.
  • Guodong Yu, Jie Zhang, (2018) Multi-dual Decomposition Solution for Risk-averse Facility Location Problem, Transportation Research Part E, 116, 70–89.