A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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The "core" module contains: More...


 Attribute Helper
 Random Variable Distributions
 Smart Pointer


 Configuration of simulation parameters and tracing.


class  ns3::CommandLine
 parse command-line argumentsInstances of this class can be used to parse command-line arguments: users can register new arguments with CommandLine::AddValue but the most important functionality provided by this class is that it can be used to set the 'initial value' of every attribute in the system with the More...
class  ns3::EventId
 an identifier for simulation events. More...
class  ns3::EventImpl
 a simulation event More...
class  ns3::RngStream
 Combined Multiple-Recursive Generator MRG32k3a. More...
class  ns3::Simulator
 Control the scheduling of simulation events. More...
class  ns3::Timer
 a simple Timer class More...
class  ns3::Watchdog
 a very simple watchdog More...

Detailed Description

The "core" module contains: