A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::EpcEnbS1SapUser::DataRadioBearerSetupRequestParameters Struct Reference

#include <epc-enb-s1-sap.h>

Public Attributes

EpsBearer bearer
uint8_t bearerId
uint32_t gtpTeid
uint16_t rnti
Ipv4Address transportLayerAddress

Detailed Description

Parameters passed to DataRadioBearerSetupRequest ()

Definition at line 99 of file epc-enb-s1-sap.h.

Member Data Documentation

EpsBearer ns3::EpcEnbS1SapUser::DataRadioBearerSetupRequestParameters::bearer

the characteristics of the bearer to be set up

Definition at line 103 of file epc-enb-s1-sap.h.

uint8_t ns3::EpcEnbS1SapUser::DataRadioBearerSetupRequestParameters::bearerId

the EPS Bearer Identifier

Definition at line 105 of file epc-enb-s1-sap.h.

uint32_t ns3::EpcEnbS1SapUser::DataRadioBearerSetupRequestParameters::gtpTeid

S1-bearer GTP tunnel endpoint identifier, see 36.423 9.2.1

Definition at line 106 of file epc-enb-s1-sap.h.

uint16_t ns3::EpcEnbS1SapUser::DataRadioBearerSetupRequestParameters::rnti

the RNTI identifying the UE for which the DataRadioBearer is to be created

Definition at line 101 of file epc-enb-s1-sap.h.

Ipv4Address ns3::EpcEnbS1SapUser::DataRadioBearerSetupRequestParameters::transportLayerAddress

IP Address of the SGW, see 36.423 9.2.1

Definition at line 107 of file epc-enb-s1-sap.h.

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