CRE-NS3: Cognitive Radio Extension for NS-3
Cognitive radio extension for ns-3


This extension is written to add cognitive radio (CR) capabilities to the Network Simulator-3. It will cover the installation process, the documentation of such an extension and provide examples to get you started.

Cognitive Radio

Cognitive Radio is an intelligent wireless communication system. Each radio is contextually aware of the surrounding environment, is able to dynamically adjust its radio parameters and switch channels based on predefined policies (e.g. whenever a Primary User occupies the spectrum). More specifically, a cognitive radio needs to be able to sense the medium and infer whether a Primary User is active, be able to make decisions as to whether to switch to a vacant channel and to which channel it should switch to, communicate that information with surrounding radios so that the data can be resumed on the new spectrum. Moreover, a recent FCC mandate requires all radios that use the TV whitespace free spectrum to query an FCC approved database before using said channel [1].

This extension provides the basic blocks that are necessary to provide such functionality in Network Simulator 3 (ns-3).


[1] FCC, second memorandum opinion and order, ET Docket No. 04-186, DA 11-131, January 2011.