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STReSS Laboratory

Kostas Research Institute
141 South Bedford Street
Suite 130
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

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Features & Specifications

Strong Floor

2,000 square feet (approximately 55 feet x 35 feet)

  • Solid, four-foot-thick reinforced concrete slab
  • Regular grid of 416 tie-down anchors (26 anchors east to west, 16 anchors south to north) in a 2 foot by 2 foot grid to permit attachment of fixtures to floor for a wide range of tests
  • Each anchor point comprises a single threaded hole with removable coupler inserts that enable connection to bars up to 2 inches in diameter, capable of withstanding forces up to 200,000 lbs.

Staging Area

1,000 square feet (approximately 30 feet x 35 feet)

  • Regular grid of 56 anchor points in a 4 foot by 4 foot grid to permit attachment of fixtures during construction (seven anchors east to west, eight anchors south to north)
  • Each anchor point comprises a single threaded hole for three-quarter inch diameter fasteners.

Loading Dock

  • Loading dock door - 14 feet wide, 16 feet high - for loading and unloading directly into staging area using overhead crane
  • Sufficient space for maneuvering a 60-foot-long specimen into the lab.


Double girder overhead crane with 20-ton capacity

  • Movable in two directions with remote control and variable speeds
  • Crane access to edges of laboratory and full access to loading dock.

Steel Reaction Frame

Reconfigurable for vertical or horizontal loading

  • Can be placed anywhere on the strong floor
  • Designed for 1 million pounds of combined loading in fatigue.

DAQ Equipment

NI Compact DAQ Chasseys with C-series modules

  • 224 Voltage Channels
  • 280 Strain Channels
  • Expandable and Portable
  • Connected via Ethernet Cable


Komatsu Forklift

  • 10,000 lb Capacity
  • 3-Stage Mast
  • Propane Powered
  • Hydraulic

4-Column Load Frame

MTS 311.21 ServoHydraulic Load Frame

  • MTS 311 Series
  • 110 kip Capacity
  • Hydraulic Grips

Machine Shop

Fully equipped shop borders strong floor

  • Accommodates structural, mechanical and electrical needs
  • Adjacent utility room housing air compressor for jackhammers, impact wrenches, vibrators, and sandblasting equipment.

Control Room

Room with large windows borders strong floor to view lab

  • Houses data acquisition equipment, controllers, and computing equipment
  • Work area for laboratory users.


  • Hydraulic pump and hydraulic service manifolds for hydraulic actuators and testing machines
  • Array of actuators with capacities up to 330,000 lbs for cyclic testing
  • Hydraulic testing machines for tension and tension/torsion testing
  • Data acquisition system with several hundred channels
  • Still image and video camera systems for synchronized recording
  • Arc welding and torching permitted throughout laboratory
  • Concrete pouring area
  • Specialized electrical system for all power needs


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