The behavior and design of composite steel/concrete beam-columns as part of three dimensional composite frame structures is being investigated in this research project. A specific focus of the work is developing system behavior factors for frames with steel beams and composite beam-columns (composite frame system). The beam-column elements could be encased sections (SRC), and rectangular or circular concrete filled tubes (CCFT and RCFT, respectively). The system behavior factors to be developed in this research include the lateral strength reduction factor (R), lateral displacement amplification factor (Cd), system overstrength factor (Ωo) design safety factor (Ω) and design strength reduction factor (φ). This research also intends to provide practical guidelines for the analysis and design of this kind of composite system.

In order to reach these goals, analytical and experimental studies are being conducted. The analytical studies include parametric studies and fiber and finite based analytical models, and are being conducted at GT and UIUC. The experimental part has been conducted at the MAST laboratory at the University of Minnesota.









  • Atlas Tube

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