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    Our research is dedicated to the development of safe energy storage, sustainable materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques, with a focus on meeting societal needs and fostering a harmonious relationship between nature and technology. Our primary goal is to create high-performance energy storage solutions, environmentally friendly materials, and advanced processes that reduce our dependence on petroleum and promote sustainability. Additionally, we explore the implementation of high-speed roll-to-roll manufacturing methods to expedite the production of emerging advanced materials and devices, leading to efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to tackle complex challenges across various scales, encompassing nanoscopic, macroscopic, and system-level investigations. By integrating knowledge from different disciplines, we strive to develop innovative solutions that have a measurable impact on society, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

    News and Events

  • Congratulations on the issuance of our U.S. Patent (No. 11,926,965) titled "Natural Fiber Composites as a Low-cost Plastic Alternative".
  • Congratulations to Tim, Tongtai and Avatar! Their study, "Unveiling the Mechanical and Electrochemical Evolution of Nano Silicon Composite Anodes in Sulfide based All-solid-state Batteries", has been accepted in Advanced Energy Materials. Congratulations to you all!
  • We are pleased to offer our congratulations to Tongtai for the successful publication of his first research paper, entitled High Ion Conductive and Selective Membrane Achieved through Dual Ion Conducting Mechanisms , in Small.
  • We are delighted to announce that Ying's review regarding Sustainable Bioplastics Derived from Renewable Natural Resources for Food Package has been accepted in Matter.
  • Ying have been awarded the 2021 Yamamura Research Award! Congratulations, Ying!
  • Dr. Zhu is selected in Stanford University List of Top 2% Scientists Worldwide. Check More
  • Congratulations on Avi's acceptance to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Happy for you, Avi!
  • Our US Patent "Fire-retardant Nanocellulose Aerogel, and Methods of Preparation and Uses Thereof" is issued (U.S. Patent No. 10,919,262).
  • Our work 3D Printed High-Performance Lithium Metal Microbatteries Enabled by Nanocellulose is highlighted in Women in Materials Science Issue published on Advanced Materials. Check more: Advanced Materials: Women in Materials Science .
  • Our work entitled Biodegradable, Hygienic, and Compostable Tableware from Hybrid Sugarcane and Bamboo Fibers as Plastic Alternative is featured in multimedia. The goal of this work is to tackle the plastic pollution problem. Check more: Science Daily, The Economist, The Eurekalert AAAS.
  • Dr. Zhu is featured on ACS Energy Letters: Women Scientists at the Forefront of Energy Research.
  • Our US Patent "Lignin-based electrolytes and flow battery cells and systems" was awarded (U.S. Patent No. 10,818,952.). We are looking to Nature for green storage! Power with Nature!
  • Our research article on biodegradable, hygienic, and compostable tableware from hybrid sugarcane and bamboo fibers as plastic alternative was accepted in Cell Press journal Matter. Congrats to Chao!
  • Congratulate Tim and Yuyue's work entitled 'Processing Strategies to Improve Cell Level Energy Density of Metal Sulfide Electrolyte Based All-solid-state Li Metal Batteries and Beyond' is accepted in ACS Energy Letters. Good job, Tim and Yuyue.
  • Congratulate Alolika on getting position as research scientist on Nissan Research Center for the research on batteries.
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