A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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AodvExample Class Reference

Test script. More...

Public Member Functions

bool Configure (int argc, char **argv)
 Configure script parameters,. More...
void Report (std::ostream &os)
 Report results.
void Run ()
 Run simulation.

Private Member Functions

void CreateDevices ()
void CreateNodes ()
void InstallApplications ()
void InstallInternetStack ()

Private Attributes

uint32_t size
 Number of nodes.
double step
 Distance between nodes, meters.
double totalTime
 Simulation time, seconds.
bool pcap
 Write per-device PCAP traces if true.
bool printRoutes
 Print routes if true.
NodeContainer nodes
NetDeviceContainer devices
Ipv4InterfaceContainer interfaces

Detailed Description

Test script.

This script creates 1-dimensional grid topology and then ping last node from the first one:

[] <– step –> [] <– step –> [] <– step –> []


Definition at line 45 of file aodv.cc.

Member Function Documentation

bool AodvExample::Configure ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Configure script parameters,.

true on successful configuration

Definition at line 107 of file aodv.cc.

References ns3::CommandLine::AddValue(), ns3::CommandLine::Parse(), pcap, printRoutes, size, step, and totalTime.

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