A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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DsdvManetExample Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void CaseRun (uint32_t nWifis, uint32_t nSinks, double totalTime, std::string rate, std::string phyMode, uint32_t nodeSpeed, uint32_t periodicUpdateInterval, uint32_t settlingTime, double dataStart, bool printRoutes, std::string CSVfileName)

Private Member Functions

void CheckThroughput ()
void CreateDevices (std::string tr_name)
void CreateNodes ()
void InstallApplications ()
void InstallInternetStack (std::string tr_name)
void ReceivePacket (Ptr< Socket >)
void SetupMobility ()
Ptr< SocketSetupPacketReceive (Ipv4Address, Ptr< Node >)

Private Attributes

uint32_t bytesTotal
NetDeviceContainer devices
Ipv4InterfaceContainer interfaces
std::string m_CSVfileName
double m_dataStart
uint32_t m_nodeSpeed
uint32_t m_nSinks
uint32_t m_nWifis
uint32_t m_periodicUpdateInterval
std::string m_phyMode
bool m_printRoutes
std::string m_rate
uint32_t m_settlingTime
double m_totalTime
NodeContainer nodes
uint32_t packetsReceived

Detailed Description

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