A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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GlobalPathlossDatabase Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Print ()
void UpdatePathloss (std::string context, Ptr< SpectrumPhy > txPhy, Ptr< SpectrumPhy > rxPhy, double lossDb)

Private Attributes

std::map< uint32_t, std::map
< uint32_t, double > > 

Detailed Description

Store the last pathloss value for each TX-RX pair. This is an example of how the PathlossTrace (provided by some SpectrumChannel implementations) work.

Definition at line 69 of file adhoc-aloha-ideal-phy-matrix-propagation-loss-model.cc.

Member Function Documentation

void GlobalPathlossDatabase::Print ( void  )

print the stored pathloss values to standard output

Definition at line 105 of file adhoc-aloha-ideal-phy-matrix-propagation-loss-model.cc.

void GlobalPathlossDatabase::UpdatePathloss ( std::string  context,
Ptr< SpectrumPhy txPhy,
Ptr< SpectrumPhy rxPhy,
double  lossDb 

update the pathloss value

txPhythe transmitting PHY
rxPhythe receiving PHY
lossDbthe loss in dB

Definition at line 94 of file adhoc-aloha-ideal-phy-matrix-propagation-loss-model.cc.

References ns3::SpectrumPhy::GetMobility(), and ns3::Object::GetObject().

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