A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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MeshTest Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 MeshTest ()
 Init test.
void Configure (int argc, char **argv)
 Configure test from command line arguments.
int Run ()
 Run test.

Private Member Functions

void CreateNodes ()
 Create nodes and setup their mobility.
void InstallApplication ()
 Install applications.
void InstallInternetStack ()
 Install internet m_stack on nodes.
void Report ()
 Print mesh devices diagnostics.

Private Attributes

Ipv4InterfaceContainer interfaces
bool m_chan
uint32_t m_nIfaces
double m_packetInterval
uint16_t m_packetSize
bool m_pcap
double m_randomStart
std::string m_root
std::string m_stack
double m_step
double m_totalTime
int m_xSize
int m_ySize
MeshHelper mesh
NetDeviceContainer meshDevices
 List of all mesh point devices.
NodeContainer nodes
 List of network nodes.

Detailed Description

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