A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::ConfigImpl Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void Connect (std::string path, const CallbackBase &cb)
void ConnectWithoutContext (std::string path, const CallbackBase &cb)
void Disconnect (std::string path, const CallbackBase &cb)
void DisconnectWithoutContext (std::string path, const CallbackBase &cb)
Ptr< ObjectGetRootNamespaceObject (uint32_t i) const
uint32_t GetRootNamespaceObjectN (void) const
Config::MatchContainer LookupMatches (std::string path)
void RegisterRootNamespaceObject (Ptr< Object > obj)
void Set (std::string path, const AttributeValue &value)
void UnregisterRootNamespaceObject (Ptr< Object > obj)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< Ptr
< Object > > 

Private Member Functions

void ParsePath (std::string path, std::string *root, std::string *leaf) const

Private Attributes

Roots m_roots

Detailed Description

Definition at line 490 of file config.cc.

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