A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::CsParameters Class Reference

Public Types

enum  Action { ADD = 0, REPLACE = 1, DELETE = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 CsParameters (Tlv tlv)
 creates a convergence sub-layer parameters from a tlv
 CsParameters (enum Action classifierDscAction, IpcsClassifierRecord classifier)
 creates a convergence sub-layer parameters from an ipcs classifier record
enum Action GetClassifierDscAction (void) const
IpcsClassifierRecord GetPacketClassifierRule (void) const
void SetClassifierDscAction (enum Action action)
 sets the dynamic service classifier action to ADD, Change or delete. Only ADD is supported
void SetPacketClassifierRule (IpcsClassifierRecord packetClassifierRule)
 sets the packet classifier rules
Tlv ToTlv (void) const
 creates a tlv from the classifier record More...

Private Attributes

enum Action m_classifierDscAction
IpcsClassifierRecord m_packetClassifierRule

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file cs-parameters.h.

Member Function Documentation

enum CsParameters::Action ns3::CsParameters::GetClassifierDscAction ( void  ) const
the dynamic service classifier action

Definition at line 78 of file cs-parameters.cc.

IpcsClassifierRecord ns3::CsParameters::GetPacketClassifierRule ( void  ) const
the the packet classifier rules

Definition at line 83 of file cs-parameters.cc.

Referenced by ns3::ServiceFlow::CheckClassifierMatch(), and Ns3WimaxCsParamTlvTestCase::DoRun().

Tlv ns3::CsParameters::ToTlv ( void  ) const

creates a tlv from the classifier record

the created tlv

Definition at line 88 of file cs-parameters.cc.

References ns3::IpcsClassifierRecord::ToTlv().

Referenced by Ns3WimaxCsParamTlvTestCase::DoRun(), and ns3::ServiceFlow::ToTlv().

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