A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::DsssErrorRateModel Class Reference

an implementation of DSSS error rate modelThe 802.11b modulations: More...

#include <dsss-error-rate-model.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static double DqpskFunction (double x)
static double GetDsssDbpskSuccessRate (double sinr, uint32_t nbits)
static double GetDsssDqpskCck11SuccessRate (double sinr, uint32_t nbits)
static double GetDsssDqpskCck5_5SuccessRate (double sinr, uint32_t nbits)
static double GetDsssDqpskSuccessRate (double sinr, uint32_t nbits)

Static Protected Attributes

static const double WLAN_SIR_IMPOSSIBLE = 0.1
static const double WLAN_SIR_PERFECT = 10.0

Detailed Description

an implementation of DSSS error rate model

The 802.11b modulations:

  • 1 Mbps mode is based on DBPSK. BER is from equation 5.2-69 from John G. Proakis Digitial Communications, 2001 edition
  • 2 Mbps model is based on DQPSK. Equation 8 from "Tight bounds and accurate approximations for dqpsk transmission bit error rate", G. Ferrari and G.E. Corazza ELECTRONICS LETTERS, 40(20):1284-1285, September 2004
  • 5.5 Mbps and 11 Mbps are based on equations (18) and (17) from "Properties and performance of the ieee 802.11b complementarycode-key signal sets", Michael B. Pursley and Thomas C. Royster. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, 57(2):440-449, February 2009.

This model is designed to run with highest accuracy using the Gnu Scientific Library (GSL), but if GSL is not installed on the platform, will fall back to (slightly less accurate) Matlab-derived models for the CCK modulation types.

More detailed description and validation can be found in http://www.nsnam.org/~pei/80211b.pdf

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