A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::EpcUeNas Class Reference

#include <introspected-doxygen.h>

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struct  BearerToBeActivated

Public Types

enum  State {

Public Member Functions

 EpcUeNas ()
virtual ~EpcUeNas ()
void ActivateEpsBearer (EpsBearer bearer, Ptr< EpcTft > tft)
void Connect (uint16_t cellId, uint16_t earfcn)
void Disconnect ()
virtual void DoDispose (void)
LteAsSapUserGetAsSapUser ()
bool Send (Ptr< Packet > p)
void SetAsSapProvider (LteAsSapProvider *s)
void SetDevice (Ptr< NetDevice > dev)
void SetForwardUpCallback (Callback< void, Ptr< Packet > > cb)
void SetImsi (uint64_t imsi)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::Object
void AggregateObject (Ptr< Object > other)
void Dispose (void)
AggregateIterator GetAggregateIterator (void) const
virtual TypeId GetInstanceTypeId (void) const
template<typename T >
Ptr< T > GetObject (void) const
template<typename T >
Ptr< T > GetObject (TypeId tid) const
void Initialize (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::SimpleRefCount< Object, ObjectBase, ObjectDeleter >
 SimpleRefCount (const SimpleRefCount &o)
uint32_t GetReferenceCount (void) const
SimpleRefCountoperator= (const SimpleRefCount &o)
void Ref (void) const
void Unref (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::ObjectBase
void GetAttribute (std::string name, AttributeValue &value) const
bool GetAttributeFailSafe (std::string name, AttributeValue &attribute) const
void SetAttribute (std::string name, const AttributeValue &value)
bool SetAttributeFailSafe (std::string name, const AttributeValue &value)
bool TraceConnect (std::string name, std::string context, const CallbackBase &cb)
bool TraceConnectWithoutContext (std::string name, const CallbackBase &cb)
bool TraceDisconnect (std::string name, std::string context, const CallbackBase &cb)
bool TraceDisconnectWithoutContext (std::string name, const CallbackBase &cb)

Static Public Member Functions

static TypeId GetTypeId (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::Object
static TypeId GetTypeId (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::SimpleRefCount< Object, ObjectBase, ObjectDeleter >
static void Cleanup (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::ObjectBase
static TypeId GetTypeId (void)

Private Member Functions

void DoActivateEpsBearer (EpsBearer bearer, Ptr< EpcTft > tft)
void DoNotifyConnectionFailed ()
void DoNotifyConnectionReleased ()
void DoNotifyConnectionSuccessful ()
void DoRecvData (Ptr< Packet > packet)
void SwitchToState (State s)

Private Attributes

std::list< BearerToBeActivatedm_bearersToBeActivatedList
uint8_t m_bidCounter
Ptr< NetDevicem_device
Callback< void, Ptr< Packet > > m_forwardUpCallback
uint64_t m_imsi
State m_state
TracedCallback< State, Statem_stateTransitionCallback
EpcTftClassifier m_tftClassifier


class MemberLteAsSapUser< EpcUeNas >

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ns3::Object
 Object (const Object &o)
virtual void DoInitialize (void)
virtual void NotifyNewAggregate (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ns3::ObjectBase
void ConstructSelf (const AttributeConstructionList &attributes)
virtual void NotifyConstructionCompleted (void)

Detailed Description

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No Attributes are defined for this type.


  • StateTransition: fired upon every UE NAS state transition

Definition at line 34 of file epc-ue-nas.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Definition of NAS states as per "LTE - From theory to practice", Section "Connection Establishment and Release"

Definition at line 128 of file epc-ue-nas.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::EpcUeNas::EpcUeNas ( )


Definition at line 57 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.


ns3::EpcUeNas::~EpcUeNas ( )


Definition at line 67 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.


Member Function Documentation

void ns3::EpcUeNas::ActivateEpsBearer ( EpsBearer  bearer,
Ptr< EpcTft tft 

Activate an EPS bearer

bearerthe characteristics of the bearer to be created
tftthe TFT identifying the traffic that will go on this bearer

Definition at line 146 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.


void ns3::EpcUeNas::Connect ( uint16_t  cellId,
uint16_t  earfcn 

instruct the NAS to go to ACTIVE state, i.e., EMM Registered + ECM Connected Since RRC Idle Mode cell selection is not supported yet, we force the UE RRC to be camped on a specific eNB.

cellIdthe id of the eNB to camp on
earfcnthe DL frequency of the eNB

Definition at line 123 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

References ns3::LteAsSapProvider::Connect(), ns3::LteAsSapProvider::ForceCampedOnEnb(), and NS_LOG_FUNCTION.

void ns3::EpcUeNas::Disconnect ( )

instruct the NAS to disconnect

Definition at line 137 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

References ns3::LteAsSapProvider::Disconnect(), and NS_LOG_FUNCTION.

void ns3::EpcUeNas::DoDispose ( void  )

This method is called by Object::Dispose or by the object's destructor, whichever comes first.

Subclasses are expected to implement their real destruction code in an overriden version of this method and chain up to their parent's implementation once they are done. i.e., for simplicity, the destructor of every subclass should be empty and its content should be moved to the associated DoDispose method.

It is safe to call GetObject from within this method.

Reimplemented from ns3::Object.

Definition at line 73 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.


LteAsSapUser * ns3::EpcUeNas::GetAsSapUser ( )
the AS SAP user exported by this RRC

Definition at line 111 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

bool ns3::EpcUeNas::Send ( Ptr< Packet p)

Enqueue an IP packet on the proper bearer for uplink transmission

pthe packet
true if successful, false if an error occurred

Definition at line 165 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

References ns3::EpcTftClassifier::Classify(), NS_ASSERT, NS_LOG_FUNCTION, NS_LOG_WARN, and ns3::LteAsSapProvider::SendData().

void ns3::EpcUeNas::SetAsSapProvider ( LteAsSapProvider s)

Set the AS SAP provider to interact with the NAS entity

sthe AS SAP provider

Definition at line 105 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

void ns3::EpcUeNas::SetDevice ( Ptr< NetDevice dev)
devthe UE NetDevice

Definition at line 93 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

void ns3::EpcUeNas::SetForwardUpCallback ( Callback< void, Ptr< Packet > >  cb)

set the callback used to forward data packets up the stack

cbthe callback

Definition at line 117 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

void ns3::EpcUeNas::SetImsi ( uint64_t  imsi)
imsithe unique UE identifier

Definition at line 99 of file epc-ue-nas.cc.

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