A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::FfMacSchedSapProvider Class Referenceabstract

Provides the SCHED SAP. More...

#include <ff-mac-sched-sap.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ns3::FfMacSchedSapProvider:


struct  SchedDlCqiInfoReqParameters
struct  SchedDlMacBufferReqParameters
struct  SchedDlPagingBufferReqParameters
struct  SchedDlRachInfoReqParameters
struct  SchedDlRlcBufferReqParameters
struct  SchedDlTriggerReqParameters
struct  SchedUlCqiInfoReqParameters
struct  SchedUlMacCtrlInfoReqParameters
struct  SchedUlNoiseInterferenceReqParameters
struct  SchedUlSrInfoReqParameters
struct  SchedUlTriggerReqParameters

Public Member Functions

virtual void SchedDlCqiInfoReq (const struct SchedDlCqiInfoReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedDlMacBufferReq (const struct SchedDlMacBufferReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedDlPagingBufferReq (const struct SchedDlPagingBufferReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedDlRachInfoReq (const struct SchedDlRachInfoReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedDlRlcBufferReq (const struct SchedDlRlcBufferReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedDlTriggerReq (const struct SchedDlTriggerReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedUlCqiInfoReq (const struct SchedUlCqiInfoReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedUlMacCtrlInfoReq (const struct SchedUlMacCtrlInfoReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedUlNoiseInterferenceReq (const struct SchedUlNoiseInterferenceReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedUlSrInfoReq (const struct SchedUlSrInfoReqParameters &params)=0
virtual void SchedUlTriggerReq (const struct SchedUlTriggerReqParameters &params)=0

Detailed Description

Provides the SCHED SAP.

This abstract class defines the MAC Scheduler interface specified in the Femto Forum Technical Document:

  • LTE MAC Scheduler Interface Specification v1.11

The Technical Document contains a detailed description of the API. The documentation of this class refers to sections of this Technical Document.

You can found an example of the implementation of this interface in the SampleFfMacSchedSapProvider and SampleFfMacSchedSapUser classes

Definition at line 50 of file ff-mac-sched-sap.h.

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