A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::Ipv4AddressGeneratorImpl Class Reference


class  Entry
class  NetworkState

Public Member Functions

bool AddAllocated (const Ipv4Address addr)
Ipv4Address GetAddress (const Ipv4Mask mask) const
Ipv4Address GetNetwork (const Ipv4Mask mask) const
void Init (const Ipv4Address net, const Ipv4Mask mask, const Ipv4Address addr)
void InitAddress (const Ipv4Address addr, const Ipv4Mask mask)
Ipv4Address NextAddress (const Ipv4Mask mask)
Ipv4Address NextNetwork (const Ipv4Mask mask)
void Reset (void)
void TestMode (void)

Private Member Functions

uint32_t MaskToIndex (Ipv4Mask mask) const

Private Attributes

std::list< Entrym_entries
NetworkState m_netTable [N_BITS]
bool m_test

Static Private Attributes

static const uint32_t MOST_SIGNIFICANT_BIT = 0x80000000
static const uint32_t N_BITS = 32

Detailed Description

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