A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::LteEnbCmacSapUser Class Referenceabstract

#include <lte-enb-cmac-sap.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ns3::LteEnbCmacSapUser:


struct  UeConfig
 Parameters for [re]configuring the UE. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual uint16_t AllocateTemporaryCellRnti ()=0
virtual void NotifyLcConfigResult (uint16_t rnti, uint8_t lcid, bool success)=0
virtual void RrcConfigurationUpdateInd (UeConfig params)=0

Detailed Description

Service Access Point (SAP) offered by the MAC to the RRC See Femto Forum MAC Scheduler Interface Specification v 1.11, Figure 1

This is the MAC SAP User, i.e., the part of the SAP that contains the RRC methods called by the MAC

Definition at line 176 of file lte-enb-cmac-sap.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual uint16_t ns3::LteEnbCmacSapUser::AllocateTemporaryCellRnti ( )
pure virtual

request the allocation of a Temporary C-RNTI

the T-C-RNTI

Implemented in ns3::EnbRrcMemberLteEnbCmacSapUser.

virtual void ns3::LteEnbCmacSapUser::NotifyLcConfigResult ( uint16_t  rnti,
uint8_t  lcid,
bool  success 
pure virtual

notify the result of the last LC config operation

rntithe rnti of the user
lcidthe logical channel id
successtrue if the operation was successful, false otherwise

Implemented in ns3::EnbRrcMemberLteEnbCmacSapUser.

virtual void ns3::LteEnbCmacSapUser::RrcConfigurationUpdateInd ( UeConfig  params)
pure virtual

Notify the RRC of a UE config updated requested by the MAC (normally, by the scheduler)


Implemented in ns3::EnbRrcMemberLteEnbCmacSapUser.

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