A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::NamesPriv Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Add (std::string name, Ptr< Object > object)
bool Add (std::string path, std::string name, Ptr< Object > object)
bool Add (Ptr< Object > context, std::string name, Ptr< Object > object)
void Clear (void)
Ptr< ObjectFind (std::string name)
Ptr< ObjectFind (std::string path, std::string name)
Ptr< ObjectFind (Ptr< Object > context, std::string name)
std::string FindName (Ptr< Object > object)
std::string FindPath (Ptr< Object > object)
bool Rename (std::string oldpath, std::string newname)
bool Rename (std::string path, std::string oldname, std::string newname)
bool Rename (Ptr< Object > context, std::string oldname, std::string newname)

Private Member Functions

bool IsDuplicateName (NameNode *node, std::string name)
NameNodeIsNamed (Ptr< Object >)

Static Private Member Functions

static NamesPrivGet (void)

Private Attributes

std::map< Ptr< Object >
, NameNode * > 
NameNode m_root


class Names

Detailed Description

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