A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::NormalVariableImpl Class Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for ns3::NormalVariableImpl:

Public Member Functions

 NormalVariableImpl ()
 NormalVariableImpl (double m, double v, double b=INFINITE_VALUE)
 Construct a normal random variable with specified mean and variance. More...
 NormalVariableImpl (const NormalVariableImpl &c)
virtual RandomVariableBaseCopy (void) const
double GetBound (void) const
double GetMean (void) const
virtual double GetValue ()
double GetVariance (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ns3::RandomVariableBase
 RandomVariableBase (const RandomVariableBase &o)
virtual uint32_t GetInteger ()
RngStreamGetStream (void)

Static Public Attributes

static const double INFINITE_VALUE = 1e307

Private Attributes

double m_bound
double m_mean
double m_next
bool m_nextValid
double m_variance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 951 of file random-variable.cc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::NormalVariableImpl::NormalVariableImpl ( )

Constructs an normal random variable with a mean value of 0 and variance of 1.

Definition at line 992 of file random-variable.cc.


ns3::NormalVariableImpl::NormalVariableImpl ( double  m,
double  v,
double  b = INFINITE_VALUE 

Construct a normal random variable with specified mean and variance.

mMean value
bBound. The NormalVariableImpl is bounded within +-bound of the mean.

Definition at line 1001 of file random-variable.cc.


Member Function Documentation

double ns3::NormalVariableImpl::GetValue ( void  )
A value from this normal distribution

Implements ns3::RandomVariableBase.

Definition at line 1020 of file random-variable.cc.

References NS_LOG_FUNCTION, and ns3::RngStream::RandU01().

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