A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::NqosWifiMacHelper Class Reference

create non QoS-enabled MAC layers for a ns3::WifiNetDevice. More...

#include <nqos-wifi-mac-helper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NqosWifiMacHelper ()
virtual ~NqosWifiMacHelper ()
void SetType (std::string type, std::string n0="", const AttributeValue &v0=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n1="", const AttributeValue &v1=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n2="", const AttributeValue &v2=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n3="", const AttributeValue &v3=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n4="", const AttributeValue &v4=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n5="", const AttributeValue &v5=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n6="", const AttributeValue &v6=EmptyAttributeValue(), std::string n7="", const AttributeValue &v7=EmptyAttributeValue())

Static Public Member Functions

static NqosWifiMacHelper Default (void)

Private Member Functions

virtual Ptr< WifiMacCreate (void) const

Private Attributes

ObjectFactory m_mac

Detailed Description

create non QoS-enabled MAC layers for a ns3::WifiNetDevice.

This class can create MACs of type ns3::ApWifiMac, ns3::StaWifiMac, and, ns3::AdhocWifiMac, with QosSupported attribute set to False.

Definition at line 33 of file nqos-wifi-mac-helper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ns3::NqosWifiMacHelper::NqosWifiMacHelper ( )

Create a NqosWifiMacHelper to make life easier for people who want to work with non-QOS Wifi MAC layers.

Definition at line 28 of file nqos-wifi-mac-helper.cc.

ns3::NqosWifiMacHelper::~NqosWifiMacHelper ( )

Destroy a NqosWifiMacHelper.

Definition at line 32 of file nqos-wifi-mac-helper.cc.

Member Function Documentation

Ptr< WifiMac > ns3::NqosWifiMacHelper::Create ( void  ) const
a newly-created MAC object.

This method implements the pure virtual method defined in ns3::WifiMacHelper.

Implements ns3::WifiMacHelper.

Definition at line 72 of file nqos-wifi-mac-helper.cc.

References ns3::ObjectFactory::Create().

NqosWifiMacHelper ns3::NqosWifiMacHelper::Default ( void  )

Create a mac helper in a default working state. i.e., this is an adhoc mac by default.

Definition at line 37 of file nqos-wifi-mac-helper.cc.

References SetType().

Referenced by ns3::aodv::Bug772ChainTest::CreateDevices(), ns3::aodv::ChainRegressionTest::CreateDevices(), ns3::olsr::Bug780Test::CreateNodes(), ns3::olsr::TcRegressionTest::CreateNodes(), and ns3::aodv::LoopbackTestCase::DoRun().

void ns3::NqosWifiMacHelper::SetType ( std::string  type,
std::string  n0 = "",
const AttributeValue v0 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n1 = "",
const AttributeValue v1 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n2 = "",
const AttributeValue v2 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n3 = "",
const AttributeValue v3 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n4 = "",
const AttributeValue v4 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n5 = "",
const AttributeValue v5 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n6 = "",
const AttributeValue v6 = EmptyAttributeValue (),
std::string  n7 = "",
const AttributeValue v7 = EmptyAttributeValue () 
typethe type of ns3::WifiMac to create.
n0the name of the attribute to set
v0the value of the attribute to set
n1the name of the attribute to set
v1the value of the attribute to set
n2the name of the attribute to set
v2the value of the attribute to set
n3the name of the attribute to set
v3the value of the attribute to set
n4the name of the attribute to set
v4the value of the attribute to set
n5the name of the attribute to set
v5the value of the attribute to set
n6the name of the attribute to set
v6the value of the attribute to set
n7the name of the attribute to set
v7the value of the attribute to set

All the attributes specified in this method should exist in the requested mac.

Definition at line 50 of file nqos-wifi-mac-helper.cc.

References ns3::ObjectFactory::Set(), and ns3::ObjectFactory::SetTypeId().

Referenced by BatteryLifetimeTest::ConstantLoadTest(), ns3::aodv::Bug772ChainTest::CreateDevices(), ns3::aodv::ChainRegressionTest::CreateDevices(), ns3::olsr::Bug780Test::CreateNodes(), ns3::olsr::TcRegressionTest::CreateNodes(), Default(), BasicEnergyDepletionTest::DepletionTestCase(), ns3::aodv::LoopbackTestCase::DoRun(), and BatteryLifetimeTest::VariableLoadTest().

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