A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::OfdmUlMapIe Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 OfdmUlMapIe (void)
 This class implements the UL-MAP_IE message as described by "IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks Part 16: Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems" UL-MAP_IE, page 115.
Cid GetCid (void) const
uint16_t GetDuration (void) const
uint8_t GetMidambleRepetitionInterval (void) const
uint16_t GetSize (void) const
uint16_t GetStartTime (void) const
uint8_t GetSubchannelIndex (void) const
uint8_t GetUiuc (void) const
Buffer::Iterator Read (Buffer::Iterator start)
void SetCid (Cid cid)
void SetDuration (uint16_t duration)
void SetMidambleRepetitionInterval (uint8_t midambleRepetitionInterval)
void SetStartTime (uint16_t startTime)
void SetSubchannelIndex (uint8_t subchannelIndex)
void SetUiuc (uint8_t uiuc)
Buffer::Iterator Write (Buffer::Iterator start) const

Private Attributes

Cid m_cid
uint16_t m_duration
uint8_t m_midambleRepetitionInterval
uint16_t m_startTime
uint8_t m_subchannelIndex
uint8_t m_uiuc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 254 of file ul-mac-messages.h.

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