A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::OlsrState Class Reference

This class encapsulates all data structures needed for maintaining internal state of an OLSR node. More...

#include <olsr-state.h>

Public Member Functions

void EraseAssociation (const Association &tuple)
void EraseAssociationTuple (const AssociationTuple &tuple)
void EraseDuplicateTuple (const DuplicateTuple &tuple)
void EraseIfaceAssocTuple (const IfaceAssocTuple &tuple)
void EraseLinkTuple (const LinkTuple &tuple)
void EraseMprSelectorTuple (const MprSelectorTuple &tuple)
void EraseMprSelectorTuples (const Ipv4Address &mainAddr)
void EraseNeighborTuple (const NeighborTuple &neighborTuple)
void EraseNeighborTuple (const Ipv4Address &mainAddr)
void EraseOlderTopologyTuples (const Ipv4Address &lastAddr, uint16_t ansn)
void EraseTopologyTuple (const TopologyTuple &tuple)
void EraseTwoHopNeighborTuple (const TwoHopNeighborTuple &tuple)
void EraseTwoHopNeighborTuples (const Ipv4Address &neighbor)
void EraseTwoHopNeighborTuples (const Ipv4Address &neighbor, const Ipv4Address &twoHopNeighbor)
AssociationTupleFindAssociationTuple (const Ipv4Address &gatewayAddr, const Ipv4Address &networkAddr, const Ipv4Mask &netmask)
DuplicateTupleFindDuplicateTuple (const Ipv4Address &address, uint16_t sequenceNumber)
IfaceAssocTupleFindIfaceAssocTuple (const Ipv4Address &ifaceAddr)
const IfaceAssocTupleFindIfaceAssocTuple (const Ipv4Address &ifaceAddr) const
LinkTupleFindLinkTuple (const Ipv4Address &ifaceAddr)
bool FindMprAddress (const Ipv4Address &address)
MprSelectorTupleFindMprSelectorTuple (const Ipv4Address &mainAddr)
std::vector< Ipv4AddressFindNeighborInterfaces (const Ipv4Address &neighborMainAddr) const
NeighborTupleFindNeighborTuple (const Ipv4Address &mainAddr)
NeighborTupleFindNeighborTuple (const Ipv4Address &mainAddr, uint8_t willingness)
TopologyTupleFindNewerTopologyTuple (const Ipv4Address &lastAddr, uint16_t ansn)
LinkTupleFindSymLinkTuple (const Ipv4Address &ifaceAddr, Time time)
const NeighborTupleFindSymNeighborTuple (const Ipv4Address &mainAddr) const
TopologyTupleFindTopologyTuple (const Ipv4Address &destAddr, const Ipv4Address &lastAddr)
TwoHopNeighborTupleFindTwoHopNeighborTuple (const Ipv4Address &neighbor, const Ipv4Address &twoHopNeighbor)
const Associations & GetAssociations () const
const AssociationSet & GetAssociationSet () const
const IfaceAssocSet & GetIfaceAssocSet () const
IfaceAssocSet & GetIfaceAssocSetMutable ()
const LinkSet & GetLinks () const
const MprSelectorSet & GetMprSelectors () const
MprSet GetMprSet () const
 Gets an MPR Set needed by tests.
const NeighborSet & GetNeighbors () const
NeighborSet & GetNeighbors ()
const TopologySet & GetTopologySet () const
const TwoHopNeighborSet & GetTwoHopNeighbors () const
TwoHopNeighborSet & GetTwoHopNeighbors ()
void InsertAssociation (const Association &tuple)
void InsertAssociationTuple (const AssociationTuple &tuple)
void InsertDuplicateTuple (const DuplicateTuple &tuple)
void InsertIfaceAssocTuple (const IfaceAssocTuple &tuple)
LinkTupleInsertLinkTuple (const LinkTuple &tuple)
void InsertMprSelectorTuple (const MprSelectorTuple &tuple)
void InsertNeighborTuple (const NeighborTuple &tuple)
void InsertTopologyTuple (const TopologyTuple &tuple)
void InsertTwoHopNeighborTuple (const TwoHopNeighborTuple &tuple)
std::string PrintMprSelectorSet () const
void SetMprSet (MprSet mprSet)
 MprSet is set by routing protocol after MprCompute.

Protected Attributes

Associations m_associations
 The node's local Host Network Associations that will be advertised using HNA messages.
AssociationSet m_associationSet
 Association Set (RFC 3626, section12.2). Associations obtained from HNA messages generated by other nodes.
DuplicateSet m_duplicateSet
 Duplicate Set (RFC 3626, section 3.4).
IfaceAssocSet m_ifaceAssocSet
 Interface Association Set (RFC 3626, section 4.1).
LinkSet m_linkSet
 Link Set (RFC 3626, section 4.2.1).
MprSelectorSet m_mprSelectorSet
 MPR Selector Set (RFC 3626, section 4.3.4).
MprSet m_mprSet
 MPR Set (RFC 3626, section 4.3.3).
NeighborSet m_neighborSet
 Neighbor Set (RFC 3626, section 4.3.1).
TopologySet m_topologySet
 Topology Set (RFC 3626, section 4.4).
TwoHopNeighborSet m_twoHopNeighborSet
 2-hop Neighbor Set (RFC 3626, section 4.3.2).

Detailed Description

This class encapsulates all data structures needed for maintaining internal state of an OLSR node.

Definition at line 35 of file olsr-state.h.

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