A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::PacketSocketAddress Class Reference

an address for a packet socket More...

#include <packet-socket-address.h>

Public Member Functions

Address GetPhysicalAddress (void) const
uint16_t GetProtocol (void) const
uint32_t GetSingleDevice (void) const
bool IsSingleDevice (void) const
 operator Address () const
void SetAllDevices (void)
void SetPhysicalAddress (const Address address)
void SetProtocol (uint16_t protocol)
void SetSingleDevice (uint32_t device)

Static Public Member Functions

static PacketSocketAddress ConvertFrom (const Address &address)
static bool IsMatchingType (const Address &address)

Private Member Functions

Address ConvertTo (void) const

Static Private Member Functions

static uint8_t GetType (void)

Private Attributes

Address m_address
uint32_t m_device
bool m_isSingleDevice
uint16_t m_protocol

Detailed Description

an address for a packet socket

Definition at line 38 of file packet-socket-address.h.

Member Function Documentation

PacketSocketAddress ns3::PacketSocketAddress::ConvertFrom ( const Address address)
addressa polymorphic address

Convert a polymorphic address to an Mac48Address instance. The conversion performs a type check.

Definition at line 106 of file packet-socket-address.cc.

References ns3::Address::CopyAllFrom(), ns3::Address::CopyTo(), IsMatchingType(), NS_ASSERT, and NS_LOG_FUNCTION.

Referenced by ns3::PacketSocket::Bind(), ns3::PacketSocket::GetSockName(), ns3::PacketSocket::GetTxAvailable(), and ns3::PacketSocket::SendTo().

bool ns3::PacketSocketAddress::IsMatchingType ( const Address address)
addressaddress to test
true if the address matches, false otherwise.

Definition at line 138 of file packet-socket-address.cc.

References ns3::Address::IsMatchingType(), and NS_LOG_FUNCTION.

Referenced by ns3::PacketSocket::Bind(), ns3::PacketSocket::Connect(), ConvertFrom(), ns3::PacketSocket::SendTo(), and ns3::OnOffApplication::StartApplication().

ns3::PacketSocketAddress::operator Address ( ) const
a new Address instance

Convert an instance of this class to a polymorphic Address instance.

Definition at line 84 of file packet-socket-address.cc.

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