A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::Ping6Helper Class Reference

Ping6 application helper. More...

#include <ping6-helper.h>

Public Member Functions

 Ping6Helper ()
ApplicationContainer Install (NodeContainer c)
 Install the application in Nodes. More...
void SetAttribute (std::string name, const AttributeValue &value)
 Set some attributes. More...
void SetIfIndex (uint32_t ifIndex)
 Set the out interface index. This is to send to link-local (unicast or multicast) address when a node has multiple interfaces. More...
void SetLocal (Ipv6Address ip)
 Set the local IPv6 address. More...
void SetRemote (Ipv6Address ip)
 Set the remote IPv6 address. More...
void SetRoutersAddress (std::vector< Ipv6Address > routers)
 Set routers addresses for routing type 0. More...

Private Attributes

ObjectFactory m_factory
 An object factory.
uint32_t m_ifIndex
 Out interface index.
Ipv6Address m_localIp
 The local IPv6 address.
Ipv6Address m_remoteIp
 The remote IPv6 address.
std::vector< Ipv6Addressm_routers
 Routers addresses.

Detailed Description

Ping6 application helper.

Definition at line 38 of file ping6-helper.h.

Member Function Documentation

ApplicationContainer ns3::Ping6Helper::Install ( NodeContainer  c)

Install the application in Nodes.

clist of Nodes
application container

Definition at line 50 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References ns3::ApplicationContainer::Add(), ns3::Node::AddApplication(), ns3::NodeContainer::Begin(), ns3::ObjectFactory::Create(), ns3::NodeContainer::End(), m_factory, m_ifIndex, m_localIp, m_remoteIp, and m_routers.

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetAttribute ( std::string  name,
const AttributeValue value 

Set some attributes.

nameattribute name
valueattribute value

Definition at line 45 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_factory, and ns3::ObjectFactory::Set().

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetIfIndex ( uint32_t  ifIndex)

Set the out interface index. This is to send to link-local (unicast or multicast) address when a node has multiple interfaces.

ifIndexinterface index

Definition at line 67 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_ifIndex.

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetLocal ( Ipv6Address  ip)

Set the local IPv6 address.

iplocal IPv6 address

Definition at line 35 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_localIp.

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetRemote ( Ipv6Address  ip)

Set the remote IPv6 address.

ipremote IPv6 address

Definition at line 40 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_remoteIp.

void ns3::Ping6Helper::SetRoutersAddress ( std::vector< Ipv6Address routers)

Set routers addresses for routing type 0.

routersrouters addresses

Definition at line 72 of file ping6-helper.cc.

References m_routers.

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