A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::SSRecord Class Reference

This class is used by the base station to store some information related to subscriber station in the cell. More...

#include <ss-record.h>

Public Member Functions

 SSRecord (Mac48Address macAddress)
 SSRecord (Mac48Address macAddress, Ipv4Address IPaddress)
void AddServiceFlow (ServiceFlow *serviceFlow)
void DisablePollForRanging (void)
void EnablePollForRanging (void)
bool GetAreServiceFlowsAllocated (void) const
Cid GetBasicCid (void) const
DsaRsp GetDsaRsp (void) const
uint8_t GetDsaRspRetries (void) const
bool GetHasServiceFlowBe (void) const
bool GetHasServiceFlowNrtps (void) const
bool GetHasServiceFlowRtps (void) const
bool GetHasServiceFlowUgs (void) const
uint8_t GetInvitedRangRetries (void) const
Ipv4Address GetIPAddress (void)
bool GetIsBroadcastSS (void)
Mac48Address GetMacAddress (void) const
WimaxPhy::ModulationType GetModulationType (void) const
bool GetPollForRanging (void) const
bool GetPollMeBit (void) const
Cid GetPrimaryCid (void) const
uint8_t GetRangingCorrectionRetries (void) const
WimaxNetDevice::RangingStatus GetRangingStatus (void) const
std::vector< ServiceFlow * > GetServiceFlows (enum ServiceFlow::SchedulingType schedulingType) const
uint16_t GetSfTransactionId (void) const
void IncrementDsaRspRetries (void)
void IncrementInvitedRangingRetries (void)
void IncrementRangingCorrectionRetries (void)
void ResetInvitedRangingRetries (void)
void ResetRangingCorrectionRetries (void)
void SetAreServiceFlowsAllocated (bool val)
void SetBasicCid (Cid basicCid)
void SetDsaRsp (DsaRsp dsaRsp)
void SetDsaRspRetries (uint8_t dsaRspRetries)
void SetIPAddress (Ipv4Address IPaddress)
void SetIsBroadcastSS (bool)
void SetMacAddress (Mac48Address macAddress)
void SetModulationType (WimaxPhy::ModulationType modulationType)
void SetPollMeBit (bool pollMeBit)
void SetPrimaryCid (Cid primaryCid)
void SetRangingStatus (WimaxNetDevice::RangingStatus rangingStatus)
void SetSfTransactionId (uint16_t sfTransactionId)

Private Member Functions

void Initialize (void)

Private Attributes

bool m_areServiceFlowsAllocated
Cid m_basicCid
bool m_broadcast
DsaRsp m_dsaRsp
uint8_t m_dsaRspRetries
uint8_t m_invitedRangingRetries
Ipv4Address m_IPAddress
Mac48Address m_macAddress
WimaxPhy::ModulationType m_modulationType
bool m_pollForRanging
bool m_pollMeBit
Cid m_primaryCid
uint8_t m_rangingCorrectionRetries
WimaxNetDevice::RangingStatus m_rangingStatus
std::vector< ServiceFlow * > * m_serviceFlows
uint16_t m_sfTransactionId

Detailed Description

This class is used by the base station to store some information related to subscriber station in the cell.

Definition at line 43 of file ss-record.h.

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