A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::TestRunnerImpl Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void AddTestSuite (TestSuite *testSuite)
void EndTestCase (void)
std::string GetTempDir (void) const
std::string GetTopLevelSourceDir (void) const
bool MustAssertOnFailure (void) const
bool MustContinueOnFailure (void) const
bool MustUpdateData (void) const
void ReportTestFailure (std::string cond, std::string actual, std::string limit, std::string message, std::string file, int32_t line)
int Run (int argc, char *argv[])
void StartTestCase (std::string name)

Static Public Member Functions

static TestRunnerImplInstance (void)

Private Types

typedef std::vector< TestSuite * > TestSuiteVector

Private Member Functions

std::list< TestCase * > FilterTests (std::string testName, enum TestSuite::Type testType, enum TestCase::TestDuration maximumTestDuration)
bool IsTopLevelSourceDir (std::string path) const
void PrintHelp (const char *programName) const
void PrintReport (TestCase *test, std::ostream *os, bool xml, int level)
void PrintTestNameList (std::list< TestCase * >::const_iterator begin, std::list< TestCase * >::const_iterator end, bool printTestType) const
void PrintTestTypeList (void) const
std::string ReplaceXmlSpecialCharacters (std::string xml) const

Private Attributes

bool m_assertOnFailure
bool m_continueOnFailure
TestSuiteVector m_suites
std::string m_tempDir
bool m_updateData
bool m_verbose

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file test.cc.

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