A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::aodv::Neighbors Class Reference

maintain list of active neighbors More...

#include <aodv-neighbor.h>


struct  Neighbor
 Neighbor description. More...

Public Member Functions

 Neighbors (Time delay)
void AddArpCache (Ptr< ArpCache >)
 Add ARP cache to be used to allow layer 2 notifications processing.
void Clear ()
 Remove all entries.
void DelArpCache (Ptr< ArpCache >)
 Don't use given ARP cache any more (interface is down)
Time GetExpireTime (Ipv4Address addr)
 Return expire time for neighbor node with address addr, if exists, else return 0.
Callback< void, WifiMacHeader
const & > 
GetTxErrorCallback () const
 Get callback to ProcessTxError.
bool IsNeighbor (Ipv4Address addr)
 Check that node with address addr is neighbor.
void Purge ()
 Remove all expired entries.
void ScheduleTimer ()
 Schedule m_ntimer.
void Update (Ipv4Address addr, Time expire)
 Update expire time for entry with address addr, if it exists, else add new entry.
Handle link failure callback
void SetCallback (Callback< void, Ipv4Address > cb)
Callback< void, Ipv4AddressGetCallback () const

Private Member Functions

Mac48Address LookupMacAddress (Ipv4Address)
 Find MAC address by IP using list of ARP caches.
void ProcessTxError (WifiMacHeader const &)
 Process layer 2 TX error notification.

Private Attributes

std::vector< Ptr< ArpCache > > m_arp
 list of ARP cached to be used for layer 2 notifications processing
Callback< void, Ipv4Addressm_handleLinkFailure
 link failure callback
std::vector< Neighborm_nb
 vector of entries
Timer m_ntimer
 Timer for neighbor's list. Schedule Purge().
Callback< void, WifiMacHeader
const & > 
 TX error callback.

Detailed Description

maintain list of active neighbors

Definition at line 49 of file aodv-neighbor.h.

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