A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::dsdv::RoutingTableEntry Class Reference

Routing table entry. More...

#include <dsdv-rtable.h>

Public Member Functions

 RoutingTableEntry (Ptr< NetDevice > dev=0, Ipv4Address dst=Ipv4Address(), u_int32_t m_seqNo=0, Ipv4InterfaceAddress iface=Ipv4InterfaceAddress(), u_int32_t hops=0, Ipv4Address nextHop=Ipv4Address(), Time lifetime=Simulator::Now(), Time SettlingTime=Simulator::Now(), bool changedEntries=false)
Ipv4Address GetDestination () const
bool GetEntriesChanged () const
RouteFlags GetFlag () const
uint32_t GetHop () const
Ipv4InterfaceAddress GetInterface () const
Time GetLifeTime () const
Ipv4Address GetNextHop () const
Ptr< NetDeviceGetOutputDevice () const
Ptr< Ipv4RouteGetRoute () const
uint32_t GetSeqNo () const
Time GetSettlingTime () const
bool operator== (Ipv4Address const destination) const
 Compare destination address. More...
void Print (Ptr< OutputStreamWrapper > stream) const
void SetEntriesChanged (bool entriesChanged)
void SetFlag (RouteFlags flag)
void SetHop (uint32_t hopCount)
void SetInterface (Ipv4InterfaceAddress iface)
void SetLifeTime (Time lifeTime)
void SetNextHop (Ipv4Address nextHop)
void SetOutputDevice (Ptr< NetDevice > device)
void SetRoute (Ptr< Ipv4Route > route)
void SetSeqNo (uint32_t sequenceNumber)
void SetSettlingTime (Time settlingTime)

Private Attributes

uint32_t m_seqNo
 Destination Sequence Number.
uint32_t m_hops
 Hop Count (number of hops needed to reach destination)
Time m_lifeTime
 Expiration or deletion time of the route Lifetime field in the routing table plays dual role – for an active route it is the expiration time, and for an invalid route it is the deletion time.
Ptr< Ipv4Routem_ipv4Route
Ipv4InterfaceAddress m_iface
 Output interface address.
RouteFlags m_flag
 Routing flags: valid, invalid or in search.
Time m_settlingTime
uint32_t m_entriesChanged
 Flag to show if any of the routing table entries were changed with the routing update.

Detailed Description

Routing table entry.

Definition at line 56 of file dsdv-rtable.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool ns3::dsdv::RoutingTableEntry::operator== ( Ipv4Address const  destination) const

Compare destination address.

true if equal

Definition at line 175 of file dsdv-rtable.h.

References ns3::Ipv4Route::GetDestination(), and m_ipv4Route.

Member Data Documentation

Ptr<Ipv4Route> ns3::dsdv::RoutingTableEntry::m_ipv4Route

Ip route, include

  • destination address
  • source address
  • next hop address (gateway)
  • output device

Definition at line 202 of file dsdv-rtable.h.

Referenced by operator==(), and RoutingTableEntry().

Time ns3::dsdv::RoutingTableEntry::m_settlingTime

Time for which the node retains an update with changed metric before broadcasting it. A node does that in hope of receiving a better update.

Definition at line 209 of file dsdv-rtable.h.

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