A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::dsr::ErrorBuffEntry Class Reference

DSR Error Buffer Entry. More...

#include <dsr-errorbuff.h>

Public Member Functions

 ErrorBuffEntry (Ptr< const Packet > pa=0, Ipv4Address d=Ipv4Address(), Ipv4Address s=Ipv4Address(), Ipv4Address n=Ipv4Address(), Time exp=Simulator::Now(), uint8_t p=0)
bool operator== (ErrorBuffEntry const &o) const
Ptr< const PacketGetPacket () const
void SetPacket (Ptr< const Packet > p)
Ipv4Address GetDestination () const
void SetDestination (Ipv4Address d)
Ipv4Address GetSource () const
void SetSource (Ipv4Address s)
Ipv4Address GetNextHop () const
void SetNextHop (Ipv4Address n)
void SetExpireTime (Time exp)
Time GetExpireTime () const
void SetProtocol (uint8_t p)
uint8_t GetProtocol () const

Private Attributes

Ipv4Address m_dst
Time m_expire
Ipv4Address m_nextHop
Ptr< const Packetm_packet
uint8_t m_protocol
Ipv4Address m_source

Detailed Description

DSR Error Buffer Entry.

Definition at line 45 of file dsr-errorbuff.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool ns3::dsr::ErrorBuffEntry::operator== ( ErrorBuffEntry const &  o) const

Compare send buffer entries

true if equal

Definition at line 63 of file dsr-errorbuff.h.

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