A Discrete-Event Network Simulator
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ns3::dsr::RouteCacheEntry Class Reference

Public Types

typedef std::vector< Ipv4AddressIP_VECTOR
 Define the vector to hold Ip address.
typedef std::vector
< Ipv4Address >::iterator 
 Define the iterator.

Public Member Functions

 RouteCacheEntry (IP_VECTOR const &ip=IP_VECTOR(), Ipv4Address dst=Ipv4Address(), Time exp=Simulator::Now())
virtual ~RouteCacheEntry ()
void Invalidate (Time badLinkLifetime)
bool operator== (RouteCacheEntry const &o) const
 Compare the route cache entry. More...
void Print (std::ostream &os) const
 Print necessary fields.
void SetUnidirectional (bool u)
bool IsUnidirectional () const
void SetBlacklistTimeout (Time t)
Time GetBlacklistTimeout () const
Ipv4Address GetDestination () const
void SetDestination (Ipv4Address d)
IP_VECTOR GetVector () const
void SetVector (IP_VECTOR v)
void SetExpireTime (Time exp)
Time GetExpireTime () const

Private Attributes

Timer m_ackTimer
 RREP_ACK timer.
bool m_blackListState
 Indicate if this entry is in "blacklist".
Time m_blackListTimeout
 Time for which the node is put into the blacklist.
Ipv4Address m_dst
 The destination Ip address.
Time m_expire
 Expire time for queue entry.
Ipv4InterfaceAddress m_iface
 Output interface address.
Ptr< Ipv4m_ipv4
 The Ipv4 layer 3.
Ptr< Ipv4Routem_ipv4Route
 The Ipv4 route.
IP_VECTOR m_path
 brief The IP address constructed route
uint8_t m_reqCount
 Number of route requests.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 180 of file dsr-rcache.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool ns3::dsr::RouteCacheEntry::operator== ( RouteCacheEntry const &  o) const

Compare the route cache entry.

true if equal

Definition at line 247 of file dsr-rcache.h.

References m_path, and NS_ASSERT.

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